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OEM manufacturer logo is a leading OEM manufacturer in Malaysia with its operation housed under a 57,000 sq. ft. plant located at oem factory area in Melaka, Malaysia, and is fully equiped with modern equipment under hygenic environment to cater for the needs and expectation of manufacturers, traders and network marketing organization.

Not only do we produce our own small deary logo banner 得丽 brand of product line, our Company also specialize in food OEM services, such as instant coffee, tea, beverage products and biscuits suppliy and packaging. We are well-known for our manufacturing of instant white coffee and biscuits in Malaysia and are fully equiped to provide high quality, volume and customized services to foreign companies.

We provide you the technology, tools, resources and manufacturing facilities required to create your own private label brand under one roof. Unlike many others, we do not outsource any manufacturing process and our hygienic environment with clean modern high-standard machinery assures highest quality finished products.

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OEM Coffee Processing & Packaging

We process and supply high quality green coffee beans and roasted coffee to traders, coffee distributors, hospitality industry and those coffee lovers with a passion for premium quality coffee

Roaster coffee machine

Roasted Coffee Beans
Processing and Supply

roasted coffee beans


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OEM Ground Coffee
Processing and Supply

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  Modern OEM Packaging Equipment

Our modern packaging equipment of high production capacity are capable to handle the demands for quality packaging standards and product volume.

  Rotary Type High Speed Packaging Machinecontract packaging

OEM Biscuit
Manufacturer and Packaging

oem biscuit production
oem biscuit packaging

Ministry of International Trade and Industry award
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Ministry of Health certified

Certified by Ministry of Health

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gmp good manufacturing practice Halal packaging
MS 1500:2009

Fully committed in ensuring safe and quality products by complying with regulatory requirements for all our processing and packaging of dry, powdered-based foods and drink products.


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Excellence Award
Ministry of International Trade and Industry award
Ministry of International Trade
And Industry Excellence Award

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Why OEM Manufacturer?

There are many reasons why companies outsource their production to OEM manufacturer. They can save on capital costs because they do not have to pay for a facility and the equipment needed for production. They can also save on labor costs such as wages, training and benefits. Some companies may look to contract manufacture in lower-cost countries, such as China or Malaysia for cost effectiveness.


For large companies that are trying to extend into new markets without any immediate plan to build own facility, contract manufacturing may be a good choice. For small companies, an OEM manufacturer may be an answer to an economical way to get started without large capital investment in manufacturing facility. On the other hand, these companies can take advantage of the skills that they may not possess which the OEM manufacturer does.


The OEM manufacturer is likely to have good relationships formed with raw material suppliers and with industrial standards within their production to the advantage of the company. Contract Manufacturer usually have multiple customers that they produce for and because they are servicing multiple customers, they would likely be able to offer reduced costs of raw materials through economies of scale.

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