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Deary banner 得丽 is a registered Trade Mark of one auto oem manufacturer and is located at Alor Gajah, Melaka and is well known throughout Malaysia and beyond for its yumminess and quality. We produce a variety of quality biscuits, wafers, as well as premium products such as chocolate and wafer cakes, wafer sandwiches, chocolate biscuits, butter cookies and more. Our biscuits, butter cookies and wafer rolls are crips, absolutely adorable and delicious. Perfect for an afternoon snack, accompanying a cup of hot coffee / tea or to share and give as awesome edible gifts.

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Deary Butter Cookies

Bar Code: 955 53072 0091 8

Shipping / Content / Carton

Deary Butter Cookies

Bar Code: 955 53072 0089 5

Shipping / Content / Carton


Our modern and high production packaging equipment are capable to handle the demands for quality packaging standards and high product volume.






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Premium Quality
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Brand Malaysia
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M-Bites Chocolate wafer roll
Chocolate Flavour Cream

Shipping | Content | Carton
Bar Code: 955 55829 0042 8

M-Bites Coconut wafer roll
Coconut Flavour Cream


Shipping | Content | Carton
Bar Code: 955 55829 0044 2

M-Bites Strawberry wafer roll
Strawberry Flavour Cream


Shipping | Content | Carton
Bar Code: 955 55829 0043 5

M-Bites Cheese wafer roll
Cheese Flavour Cream


Shipping | Content | Carton
Bar Code: 955 55829 0125 8

M-Bites orange flavor wafer roll
Orange Flavour Cream

M-Bites apple wafer roll
Apple Flavour Cream

Durian flavor mini wafer roll
Musang King Durian

Shipping | Content | Carton
Bar Code: 955 55829 0071 8
Durian flavor mini wafer roll
Carabao Mango

Shipping | Content | Carton
Bar Code: 955 55829 0073 2
Durian flavor mini wafer roll
Purple Mangosteen

Shipping | Content | Carton
Bar Code: 955 55829 0072 5


OEM Biscuits Manufacturer


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OEM Manufacturer
and its Benefits
GMP Certificate 01

OEM Biscuits Services


Apart from producing our own  Deary brand  得丽 Brand Biscuits, we also provide OEM manufacturing and packaging services for various types of biscuits in Malaysia. In other words, we manufacture different biscuit products under client’s brand and packaging for local and overseas retail chains. Recipes can be provided by clients or we can develop them to client’s request.

We never stop working on improving recipes and process technologies and strive to develop new quality products.

So, if you are outsourcing your biscuits production in Malaysia, it would be our pleasure to talk to you. Please take time to come and visit us without any obligation. You will quickly discover that not only are we able to meet your quality expectation, quantity and delivery demands but also at the most competitive prices available in the industry.

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OEM biscuit manufacturing
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biscuit sample

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Why OEM Manufacturer?

OEM Manufacturing
and its Benefits

There are many reasons why companies outsource their production to OEM manufacturer. They can save on capital costs because they do not have to pay for a facility and the equipment needed for production. They can also save on labor costs such as wages, training and benefits. Some companies may look to contract manufacture in lower-cost countries, such as China or Malaysia for cost effectiveness.


For large companies that are trying to extend into new markets without any immediate plan to build own facility, contract manufacturing may be a good choice. For small companies, an OEM manufacturer may be an answer to an economical way to get started without large capital investment in manufacturing facility. On the other hand, these companies can take advantage of the skills that they may not possess which the OEM manufacturer does.


The OEM manufacturer is likely to have good relationships formed with raw material suppliers and with industrial standards within their production to the advantage of the company. Contract Manufacturer usually have multiple customers that they produce for and because they are servicing multiple customers, they would likely be able to offer reduced costs of raw materials through economies of scale.

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