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Our humble beginning started in 1995 when Mr.Tan Tiam Peng OEM manufacturer, armed with years of experience on packing systems and packaging machineries, founded oem packing and supplies offering packing supplies and maintenance services in Malaysia.

With a workshop located at Batu Berendam, Malacca, and supported by a growing clientele, oem-one-auto-packing-machine-supplieswas established in the year 2000, taking over the activities of oem packing and supplies. The Management’s focus remained on sourcing, supplying and setting up machineries, as well as supplying machinery parts and carrying out maintenance services to the Malaysian manufacturing industry.

In the year 2004, seeing the potential and demand for OEM packing facilities, the management made a bold decision. Equipped with technical know-how on packing machinery and experience in food and pharmaceutical product packaging, the Management took a leap forward to incorporate oem one auto manufacturerand ventured into food processing. Since then the core activity of oem-manufacturer-oneauto is on mixing and packing of food products as required or specified by our customers under OEM arrangement.

In the year 2005, the Company took yet another great leap and acquired 3 plots of industrial land at the light industrial hub of , Malacca as a positive step expansion. The 2-storey 20,000 sq ft lot served its purpose well for 7 years. During the period, business has grown gradually that this time we changed our name to one auto oem manufacturer to capture international customers.

In the year 2006, oem packer started HACCP system and obtained HACCP Certificate in the following year. To have better improvement in the Food Safety Management System, the company has implemented and obtained ISO 22000:2005 in year 2011.

In line with the business growth, the company made another bold move and secured a larger industrial lot to house our operations. Equipped with the same modern, hygienic design, but with more space for expansion, the 57,000 sq ft plant is able to better cater for the needs of our valued customers.

We focus on providing undisputedly good OEM manufacturing services as an alternative blending and packing facility for manufacturers, traders and network marketing organizations.


We adopt and comply to International manufacturing standards and are proud to have won awards for our innovation, excellence, and quality of our products. So, if you are looking for an OEM Manufacturer for your food and beverage products, let us provide you the necessary technology, tools, resources and manufacturing facilities required to create your own private label brand under one roof.

Unlike many others, we do not outsource any manufacturing process and our hygienic environment with clean modern high-standard machinery assures highest quality finished products. If you would like to speak with us in depth without any obligation, you are most welcome to visit us or contact us today for more info or inquiries.

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Instant White Coffee
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Instant Milk Tea
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Jack Fruit Chips
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Why OEM Manufacturer?

There are many reasons why companies outsource their production to OEM manufacturers. They can save on capital costs because they do not have to pay for a facility and the equipment needed for production. They can also save on labor costs such as wages, training and benefits. Some companies may look to contract manufacture in lower-cost countries, such as China or Malaysia for cost effectiveness.


For large companies that are trying to extend into new markets without any immediate plan to build own facility, contract manufacturing may be a good choice. For small companies, an OEM manufacturer may be an answer to an economical way to get started without large capital investment in manufacturing facility. On the other hand, these companies can take advantage of the skills that they may not possess which the OEM manufacturer does.


The OEM manufacturer is likely to have good relationships formed with raw material suppliers and with industrial standards within their production to the advantage of the company. Contract Manufacturers usually have multiple customers that they produce for and because they are servicing multiple customers, they would likely be able to offer reduced costs of raw materials through economies of scale.

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