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Tea and Coffee Filters

Filter Types

Tea bag
with string and tag


terathedal tea bag with string
This traditional rectangular tea bag is very convenient for making just a cup of tea.

Coffee bag
with string and tag


coffee filter bag with string tag
Coffee Miracron filters specialy designed for coffee make you extract real coffee with ease.

Coffee bag
with string and tag


coffee filter bag
Coffee Miracron filters specialy designed for coffee make you extract real coffee with ease.

Tea bag
with string and tag


teabag tetrahedal 01
The sizeable volume inside these tea bags as well as their shape facilitates the movement of tea leaves, thus allowing the full flavor of the tea to be brought out. With a tag and string attached, all you need is hot water and a cup.

Tea bag
without string and tag


tetrahedal tea bag without string
The large space in the bag enables tea leaves to expand and move freely thus allowing the flavour of the tea leaves to be brought out.

Tea bag
without string and tag


traditional tea bag without string
This is a traditional and familiar shape of tea bag for use in any tea pot, jug or cup.




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tea filter bag

Tea Pouch. This is a tea pouch with one-sided opening for enclosing tea content by gently pressing the open side with your fingers. Due to its portability, you can enjoy delicious tea anywhere, anytime.

coffee and tea bags

Coffee Tea Steep Bags. This soft touch filters are fine filament filters for coffee, green tea, black tea, healthcare tea, herb tea and herbal medicines and also for rapping, packaging etc..

drip coffee filter

Tea and Coffee Dripbags. We supply hassle free dripbags for both Tea and Coffee. We can also supply and cater for any particular request for materials from clients seeking high quality design and more.

tea filter paper

Filters. We have a diverse line-up of filters for tea and coffee for your need, from a mesh filterwith a uniform sieve for effective extraction rates, to non-woven filters capable of catching fine powders. Others include biodegradable heat-sealable paper made from plants which are environmentally sustainable drink filters in the market today.


Tea and Coffee Filter Bag Supplier

Tea and Coffee Filter Bags

A tea bag is a small, porous sealed bag containing tea leaves and used with water for brewing the beverage called tea, or herbs or spices for brewing tisanes (also known as "herbal tea"). Tea bags are commonly made of filter paper, or food grade plastic.


The bag contains the tea leaves while the tea is steeped, making it easier to dispose of the leaves, and performs the same function as a tea infuser. Some tea bags have an attached piece of string with a paper label at the top that assists in removing the bag while also displaying the brand and/or variety of tea.


In countries where the use of loose tea leaves is more prevalent, the term tea bag is commonly used to describe paper or foil packaging for loose leaves. They are usually square or rectangular envelopes with the brand name, flavour and decorative patterns printed on them.

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