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iso 22000 2005 food and safety certification


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We are an ISO 22000:2005 certified company.  It is compatible with the implementation of quality management system and the system choice in management of safety food.

  • Fully committed in ensuring Safe and Quality products.

  • Complying with regulatory requirements in Food Safety and Quality.

  • Customers' needs are carefully studied and dealt with promptly.

  • Constantly meeting and exceeding our customers' expectations.



oem quality control

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Food Safety Management

Food safety is a scientific discipline describing handling, preparation, and storage of food in ways that prevent foodborne illness. This includes a number of routines that should be followed to avoid potentially severe health hazards. The food safety standard under the terms includes the provisions that require food business and food handlers to comply with the standards


In considering industry to market practices, food safety considerations include the origins of food including the practices relating to food labeling, food hygiene, food additives and pesticide residues, as well as policies on biotechnology and food and guidelines for the management of governmental import and export inspection and certification systems for foods.


ISO 22000 is a standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization dealing with food safety. This is a general derivative of ISO 9000. ISO 22000 standard: The ISO 22000 international standard specifies the requirements for a food safety management system that involves interactive communication, system management, prerequisite programs, HACCP principles.

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